The 21st-century receipt


Service design, UX design, UI design, User research


Conor Mc Donald Heffernan, Benedetta Locatelli


Royal College of Art,


6 months


The project

Aethos is the service to issue the 21st century receipt to get to know the real values behind your possessions. It’s based on the simple idea that we should easily be able to understand how the products we buy have impacted people and planet.

The reason

Driven by the younger generations, consumer priorities have massively shifted. They have challenged norms and driven changes that have led to the emergence of new models like social entrepreneurship. But the way they shop tells a different story. Why is it that there is this rift between increasingly conscientious consumers' values with the actions of the businesses most of us shop from? We took on this challenge because our generation cares about how the money we spend impacts the world around us. Yet we realised we all still shopped on Amazon and none of us really knew how our individual purchasing decisions were affecting people and planet.

This page is being updated, you can find more information about the project at this link

January-July 2021, London