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Community platform


Service design, UX design, UI design, User research


Yi-tzu Chang, Kenjiro Taniguchi, Xinyue Ruan, Xiwen Zhu


Royal College of Art,

Met police


2 months

Earound is a community platform to help citizens and police service to communicate in a better way, creating a safe environment where the police and citizens can give and receive information based on their own living area.


In the past 10 years:

In the last 10 years, the number around the met police are not encouraging. During the first phase of desk research, we found that the number of police officers is decreasing, the amount of funding is decreasing, the number of resolved cases are under 10% of the total and from 2013 to 2019 the crime rate has increased.

Field research

interview police & citizens

We conducted several interviews and a focus group with people working as police officers or with roles related to police and with people that have submitted a crime. We discovered that due to the lack of funds is really difficult for the police to deal with thieves and not extreme violent crimes in general, this has a repercussion on the public that most of the time feel unsafe and unheard.



Group12_Final Presentation 2.001.png
Group12_Final Presentation 2.001.png


Group12_Final Presentation 2.002.png
Group12_Final Presentation 2.002.png

Problem statements


Due to the lack of resources, many crimes are left unsolved and victims are feeling less supported. 


Police want to get information and communicate with citizens in a more efficient way

Opportunity for intervention

sfondo logo.jpg

Earound is a community platform to help citizens and police service to communicate in a better way. 

We designed a service platform that allows police officers to reach out to citizens to give safety tips and helping victim with information about the case. On the other hand victim and citizen can interact with police officers to ask for help or report any relevant information.


The benefits from the Police point of view are to have better communication with users helping them with safety tips and with general issues. From the point of view of the citizens, they can feel heard from the community and get feedback and advice from the police.

November-December 2019, London


The Challenge

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